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Amplify Your Sponsorship by reacting to valued Fan Generated Content in Real-Time


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Crowdsight is the most effective fan engagement tool available for Sponsors to digitally activate at events. Our emphasis is on capturing fan content live from an event – using Sponsored Rewards to incentivise fans to upload photos, before tracking the measurable impact of this content across social channels.

Our focus on using mobile to power real-time, on-location engagement, allows us to ensure that only the most emotive and relevant fan generated content is captured. By incorporating content moderation & machine learning technology within our product, we’re able to more effectively identify valuable content for Sponsors – and our algorithms will only improve as we collate more data from events.

Within our app we track social momentum, to gauge the potential for virality – feeding the semantic analysis and real-time analytics in our dashboard that enable Sponsors to more effectively understand sponsorship impact & success across social channels. This all happens while the event is happening so Sponsors can really maximise the benefit of the emotional fan experience by aligning and reacting to it!



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