The internet is packed to the brim with sports sponsorship blogs and sports business blogs. Some are absolutely brilliant, others, not quite so much. The 20 blogs that we are going to talk about on this page are generally regarded as some of the best around. Each and every one of them is packed with useful and up to date information that can be used in your sport marketing campaign – so without further ado let’s take a look at them and a few of their best pieces:

1: Digital Sport

@DigitalSportUK is packed to the brim with interviews from leading industry professionals and insiders. It also showcases news (as well as some pretty raw stats) and some in-depth articles on creating a flawless digital experience for your fans. Here is one article we recommend.

2: Sports Geek HQ


Just like, this site features regular interviews with industry professionals. However, the real highlight is the weekly Sports Geek Podcast which looks at some of the most successful digital campaigns in the world of sport and breaks them down piece by piece to give you a well-rounded view on how and why they work. This podcast also features regular interviews, much like the main site. Check out the podcasts here.

3: Sport Techie

@SportTechie is not so much focused on the sponsorship side of things, although it is mentioned from time to time. Instead, this site looks at new technology being introduced to the world of sports, most of it being introduced by companies looking for sponsorship opportunities. The site also breaks down social and digital media campaigns to look at how and why they are successful. Here is one example.

4: Digital & Social Media Sports


This blog gives you the lowdown on digital and social media in sports without all of the buzzwords that other blogs may provide. This blog has been put together by an industry professional with extensive knowledge proved with pure, hard facts. Beyond blogging, there is an excellent podcast series. Check out the latest one here on the importance of timing in social media marketing.

5: Sports Revolution


This blog is run by SportsRevolution, a leading sport consultancy firm. The content on this site has a slightly different edge to what has been discussed already. It takes a slightly more analytical approach to the developments in the world of sport marketing. By doing this, it will allow you to see where you may be going wrong with your campaigns and you may pick up some unique hints and tips. Check out this thorough article on regional sports sponsorship as an example.

6: Joe Favorito


One of the best things about this blog is the fact that it is not afraid to go into cold, hard numbers which are important for making sponsorship decisions. This site has been put together by Joe Favorito, a thirty-year veteran of sports sponsorship industry who specialises in campaigns that offer the greatest ROI for the minimal amount of cost. The information on this blog provides a good start for companies that are newly entering the field of sport sponsorship. Here is an interesting piece on social media use as part of the marketing strategy of the NBA.

7: GMR Marketing


GMR Marketing does not only deal with sport sponsorship, which means that there may be some information you must pass through on the blog from time to time. However, the extra effort is worth it – you can enjoy brilliant interviews, analysis of the latest statistics released from various companies, and a few bits and pieces of information on running a successful marketing campaign. Here is one post detailing an interesting marketing strategy that they took off the ground.

8: IEG Sponsorship


Like GMR, this blog is not purely focused on sport sponsorship. However, the information that you do pull from the blog, and it is going to be posted on a fairly regular basis, is going to be immensely useful. Many of the posts are analytical in their approach and will help you think about whether your current sport sponsorship practices are the best route to take. For example, this post here, discussing the importance of becoming a data-driven organisation.

9: Revolution World


This blog has been put together by a small sports marketing and media agency based in Chicago. Don’t expect news posts here. Instead, expect well-written, analytical blog posts about the world of sport sponsorship during the past, present, and future. Occasionally the posts are centered around thorough interviews that address hot topics in sponsorship. Here is one on the impact of Periscope.

10: Sports Business Daily


This blog is a goldmine for industry professionals. All of the latest information is published here first. You can even subscribe to their journal, published weekly, if you wish. This blog always keeps tabs on the latest sport sponsorship campaigns and shares information that may be useful for those who are starting their own. You are required to create an account, but it is well worth it.

11: FutureSport


Future sport is bought to you by WePlay who are an innovative digital agency specialising in sport. Future Sport is a leading source of social media, technology and business news for the sports industry. The blog features a wide variety of sports tech and business stories from wearables in sport to NFL’s growth to snapchat stories. They also have useful notice boards for sportsbiz jobs and sportsbiz events.

12: Seven League


Seven league is a digital media company focused on accelerating digital performance for some of the biggest names in sport. The company is led by CEO Richard Ayers. Their blog looks at digital and tech in the sports industry.

13: Sports Business Today


Sports business today is a #SportsBiz blog run by Shane Harmon. This blog contains some really insightful sports business content, we really enjoyed his last blog post on incubators, accelerators and startups in the SportsTech sector. The blog was inspired by Shanes daily reading of the sports business stories he collates in his Flipboard magazine Sports Business Today.

14: Promo Overtime


Promo Overtime focus on sponsorship activation, digital communication and content creation. They run a great sports marketing blog with interesting content related to social media, digital communication, fan engagement and mobile apps in sports.

15: The Business of Sports


The business of sports is a popular blog edited by Russell Scibetti, it is dedicated to discussing new ideas and current events in sports business. The posts cover a wide range of topics, including ticket sales, marketing, social media, corporate sponsorships, fan loyalty, brand management, sports media, finance and more.

16: Social n Sport


Social n Sport is a popular blog run by social media expert Jessica Smith who also works for Under Armour. It looks at social media and sports from teams, leagues and others in the sports industry. Its focus is on social + digital trends, lessons and happenings in the business of sports.

17: Sports Marketing Hacks


This blog looks at cool sports marketing campaigns around the world. It looks at how teams, be it football, american football or any sport, manage their marketing successfully. This insightful blog is run by NYC based marketer Ross Cranwell.

18: The Fowler


The Fowler is a sports business blog by Zurich based sports marketer David Fowler. Recent topics include the connected stadium, sports wearables, messaging platforms, brand positioning and sports marketing trends.

19: Stadia Solutions


Stadia Solutions is a leading international sports and entertainment marketing agency and media consultancy with strong interests in football and rugby. Their engaging blog covers topics such as stadium wifi, live sports streaming and sports virtual reality.

…and finally a cheeky bonus blog! – 20: Crowdsight


Crowdsight is the go to content source for all things digital sponsorship related. The diverse blog page covers tips and tricks for sponsors, infographics in multiple categories ranging from social media to apps, and pieces covering current sports sponsorship news.