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Why we do it:

It seems like consumers and brands have been pulling away from each other for some time.

Brands have increasingly adopted a modus operandi of serving as many logos and as much content at consumers as possible. This heralded the attention economy, where competition for decreasing attention spans has been at its fiercest.

Crowdsight is a recognition that we might just have reached an impasse.

While content is king, too much generic content feels forced, turning prospective consumers off and heralding a rise in ad-blocking tech that illustrates just how sick the public are of being served that style of messaging.

But a brand needs to communicate, right?

Our vision is to align consumers and brands, working together and leading a shift away from an over-reliance on ad-serving. Our vision is to create an advocacy network for every brand, leveraging existing advocates who have high Net Promoter Scores and using them for just that: promotion.

Our technology builds a database of, manages the engagement with and directs the conversations to, your army of advocates – ensuring that a brand can rely on individuals to drive organic discussions, rather than an over-reliance on having to force feed brand messages.

With our help, we want to enable brands to reduce ads and increase advocacy – measuring shoppable social posts that your army of brand advocates create. Bottom line is to increase click-through and purchases that grow revenue, while driving down cost per acquisition.

Say goodbye to the Attention Economy. Welcome to the Trust Economy.

Who we are:

Proudly based in the energetic city of Dublin, Ireland, Crowdsight is a young, dynamic company that is primed for growth across both Europe and the US. Combining a range of industry specific expertise in retail, marketing and sports, alongside the best in software development talent, has positioned us perfectly to engage in the rapidly evolving retail and sports tech sector.

If you have a real interest in being at the forefront of this growth with us, check out our available job roles here.

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Supported By:

Crowdsight has evolved and grown through the support of Enterprise Ireland and private investment to create a best-in-class digital sponsorship product. As we continue to grow, we’re interested in working with investors that understand the potential of the retail, sports & music tech markets and can contribute to help us drive scale and growth efficiently and effectively.

Hit us up to start the discussion.

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