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Why we do it:

Our aim is to work for both fans and Sponsors to create a less noisy, distracted and confusing way to share great fan generated content. We want to reward fans for attending events and sharing their great content with us, so we partner with official Sponsors to create these Rewards opportunities. For fans second-screening at home, they can cut through the clutter of existing social networks and find a narrated view of the fan experience, created by the fans at the event.

Critically, Crowdsight also aims to recognise and protect the official Sponsors at an event, enabling Sponsors to capture and identify the most emotive, fan generated content shared at an event, before it’s lost into the social media wilderness. Our emphasis on leading technology across content moderation & social media semantics means Crowdsight now gives Sponsors real and unique insight into campaign success.

Who we are:

Proudly based in the energetic city of Dublin, Ireland, Crowdsight is a young, dynamic company that is primed for growth across both Europe and the US. Combining a range of industry specific expertise in sports marketing and sponsorship, alongside the best in software development talent, has positioned us perfectly to engage in the rapidly evolving sports technology sector.

Our focus is on aligning sponsorship value with fan engagement, identifying the most valuable fan generated content for Sponsors to use, track and react to in new and innovative ways. If you have a real interest in the live event experience and the technical background to enhance the Crowdsight platform, check out our available job roles here.

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Supported By:

Crowdsight has evolved and grown through the support of Enterprise Ireland and private investment to create a best-in-class digital sponsorship product. As we continue to grow, we’re interested in working with investors that understand the potential of the sports tech & music tech markets and can contribute to help us drive scale and growth efficiently and effectively.

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